Yonas Julius Sebastian Mika Romell



Yonas Julius Sebastian Mika Romell, all my names would make a hard website name, especially to remember, so it's just yonas.nu

I’ve been published in the following papers

  • Hallandsposten

  • Nöjesguiden

And been employed or helped the following companies

  • The Concept 2018
    A beautiful restaurant and club with wonderful showartists, in Gothenburg

  • Pinchos / Pincho Nation (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) 2015- 2018
    An interesting and exciting circus themed restaurant franchise. And it comes with an app

  • Smögens glassbar 2018
    Cosy and tasty little ice cream place to visit

  • WITP (Walk in the park) 2018
    Park themed restaurant in Gothenburg with the best pizza I’ve ever had

  • Kockarnas Matlucka 2018
    Restaurant that started small but that’s growing

  • MinDoris 2016-2018
    Jewellery designer (and dear friend) Amanda Oscarsson and her beautiful creations

So basically I'm a photographer based in Gothenburg. Originally from a mentally abandoned island called Orust and born in 1988. 

By working at a Pinchos restaurant I got the opportunity to lit a real flame for my passion for photography. Helping out to take pictures for the menus, websites, their social media and so on really got me where I am today. So since I started again I've upgraded myself a bit. I have a photography studio at home and I've gotten myself a wonderful baby to carry in my hands; Canon 5D Mark IV

If you wish to come in contact with me you can reach me at info@yonas.nu 
or through my Instagram